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Every business problem is actually just a people problem.

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We all think our issues are the exception to the rule. But let me reassure you, no problem is too big to fix.


Seen, Heard & Understood: 5 Critical Steps to Creating a Resilient Culture

These top 3 workplace problems deteriorate culture fast:

no. 1: poor leadership

  • Self-focused versus vision-focused
  • Self-serving versus putting others first
  • Underdeveloped people skills
  • Lack of confidence and conviction
  • Sense of entitlement

no. 2: poor communication

  • Not telling employees the reasoning behind your requests
  • Forgetting to forward along important information
  • Not listening or shutting people down
  • Not speaking up or asking for feedback
  • Blanket style communication instead of tailoring to each person’s uniqueness

no. 3: poor accountability

  • Not knowing what your big-picture purpose is for your work
  • Employees who are unsure of their roles and responsibilities
  • Lack of objective benchmarks to measure progress
  • Directly leads to infighting, drama, and poor performance

How we build bulletproof
company cultures:

Our Tactical VOICE Framework produces superior, proven results.

Get ready to experience a transformation that solves REAL problems in your business. Our framework is done with you – we help you implement changes with real time, honest feedback.

(V) VISION: A successful company culture depends on everyone being clear on the vision and values of your organization. Frequently it is assumed that everyone in the organization is on the same page.

(O) OWNERSHIP: Top performers expect to be held accountable for their performance, and this is only possible when each person owns their results and scope of work.

(I) INTEGRITY: Resilient teams hold strength because of the bonds that are developed over time between people, regardless of internal and external influences.

(C) CHAMPION: Retaining top talent requires the acknowledgement and investment into each individual in order to remain a top performer.

(E) EVOLUTION: High performing cultures have ample opportunity for personal and professional growth. A culture where opportunities appear to lack leads to unhealthy competition and toxicity.

How we work:

It’s my duty to engineer invincible leaders &
bulletproof work cultures.

When you hire my team and me, you get to search & destroy the weak points without doing the dirty work yourself. This is how it works.

First step:
critical assessment

We uncover the root cause of performance and culture issues.

The keen interview skills I honed on the force are like muscle memory. I dig into the real issues and points of contention without making your employees feel concerned or threatened in any way.

OUTCOME: A clear picture of your culture, your employees’ productivity, and overall workplace satisfaction — plus an in depth assessment of what needs to change.

second step:
problem solving

Once we uncover the most pressing issues, we present proven, effective ways to address them.

This involves opportunities like leadership coaching, in-office team building, addressing key business risks, or replacing certain people.

OUTCOME: A plan for moving your company culture from where it is now to where you want it, with the proper training to implement and foster the culture into the future.

third step: communication

We make sure everyone in the company is on the same page.

With our expertise in change management and crisis aversion, we know how to communicate change in a way that inspires and motivates your whole staff to get on board.

OUTCOME: Your staff is ready to move forward with the changes. They know they can always voice concerns at any point in the process without repercussion.

fourth step: implementation

Your team implements the plan and takes strategic action with our expert oversight.

As changes go into effect, my team observes and measures results, so you know exactly how your investment is affecting your team’s performance.

OUTCOME: As we polish away the rust, your business starts to run like a well-oiled machine. You wake up with that sense of potential again, ready to live out your calling in bigger ways.

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