“Why admitting your shortcomings makes you a smarter leader” with Herb Long, Executive Coach

“Why admitting your shortcomings makes you a smarter leader” with Herb Long, Executive Coach | E63

An unexpected leadership superpower? Not always having the answer and not being afraid to admit it, even to your team. When all eyes are on you, the leader, it’s normal to start to feel insecure. You might be questioning if you’re really cut out to lead or if you know enough to make the right decisions. These feelings can lead to Imposter Syndrome.

Herb Long is an Executive Coach that helps leaders overcome Imposter Syndrome so they can get their teams moving forward. Let’s face it, there’s no requirement for a leader to know everything. And that’s why confident leaders build teams of people with complementary skills.  

In this Powerful at Work Radio episode, learn how asking this one question can help you lead your team with greater confidence…

Episode Outline:

  • [01:19] You don’t become excellent at something before you’ve done it for the first time.
  • [02:42] Why asking for help is one way leaders can lead by example…
  • [08:07] When all eyes are on you, the leader, you can start to feel insecure…
  • [10:40] If you listen carefully, people will tell you what they need to be the best version of themselves in their profession.
  • [14:52] Too frequently, people seek to have all of the information before they’re ready to execute before they’re ready to make a decision.

About Herb Long:

Herb Long is an executive coach who helps leaders to engage, inspire, and execute so they can navigate obstacles, see around corners, and get their teams moving forward. As Certified Professional Coach, Herb uses the coaching method that optimizes your strengths and abilities to create sustainable change.

With over 25 years of experience, Herb has met most of the difficult challenges his clients face, therefore he is able to help leaders gain insights, develop a plan for success, and deliver strong results. Together they uncover solutions that allow people to be authentic while maintaining alignment with organizational goals.

Herb has developed strategic alliances in Africa, Asia, and Europe and served on the Board of Directors for public and private companies, and non-profit organizations. He has provided coaching services to executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals in financial services, logistics, and medical technology. Herb earned an MBA from the Wharton School, and a BBA in Finance from Howard University. A native of Philadelphia, Herb now resides in New York with his daughter.

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