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5 Strategies to transform your team into high performers

This training is for you if you feel like…

  • You can’t delegate because it’s easier to do the work yourself
  • Your employees are more of a distraction than a help
  • Your employees aren’t passionate about your business
  • Your team falls apart under pressure
  • You can’t take time off because your business will fall apart

Hi, I'm Rosa Ponce de Leon,
Business Consultant, Leadership Strategist, & Operations Expert

You have already taken the first step by understanding you need to change something in your workplace culture.

Let me help you the rest of the way.

As a longstanding public servant, I have skillfully led a multitude of teams to achieve high levels of success by transforming unproductive work cultures into high-performing organizations. I operate from a place of love for people that inspires change from the innermost depths.

With the framework I share in this training, your employees will:

  • They will take ownership that should be on their plate, not yours
  • Take risks, innovate, and create new solutions for your business
  • Solve problems without you having to tell them, 
  • Implement efficiencies inside of your business
  • Develop unbreakable bonds while working towards shared goals
  • Be more productive and happy with a greater impact to your bottom line!

Clients share their story and success

Rosa Ponce de Leon, Business Consulting

“Rosa saved my business. As a small business owner, I underestimated the power of building a strong workplace culture. I was on the brink of closing, but Rosa helped me engage with and motivate my staff. I only wish I had worked with Rosa sooner, it would have saved me many headaches.”​

Wendy M.

“I had all the high end technology and highly skilled and experienced team, but out marketing was fragmented and we were struggling to book appointments. The team helped us find our common identity, branding and developed a marketing strategy that highlighted the team's strengths. I’m very happy with the customized attention we received.”​

Dr. Robert Gordon, Director

Top 3 workplace problems that deteriorate culture fast:

No. 1: Poor Leadership

  • Self-focused & self-serving
  • Underdeveloped people skills
  • Lack of confidence & conviction
  • Sense of entitlement

No. 2: Poor Communication

  • Failing to get buy-in 
  • Shutting people down
  • Not speaking up
  • Blanket style communication 

No. 3: Poor Accountability

  • Not relating to the big-picture
  • Unclear roles & responsibilities
  • Lack of measuring progress
  • Directly leads to infighting
If these scenarios sound familiar, this training is likely to be a fit. Together we have the capacity to turn this around and produce a bulletproof culture and peak performance.

Our signature VOICE framework produces superior results

Get ready to experience a transformation that solves REAL problems in your business. Our framework is done with you – we help you implement changes with real time, honest feedback.

A successful company culture depends on everyone being clear on the vision and values of your organization. Frequently it is assumed that everyone in the organization is on the same page.

Top performers expect to be held accountable for their performance, and this is only possible when each person owns their results and scope of work.

Resilient teams hold strength because of the bonds that are developed over time between people, regardless of internal and external influences.

Retaining top talent requires the acknowledgement and investment into each individual in order to remain a top performer.

High performing cultures have ample opportunity for personal and professional growth. A culture where opportunities appear to lack leads to unhealthy competition and toxicity.

Your success
is my success.

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