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In business we often forget that people are multidimensional. We all have dreams of experiencing new things. Rarely do people like to stay put in the same position. If you’re not offering your employees a way to experience new things, how are you contributing to their growth or happiness?

In this Powerful at Work Radio podcast episode, Lily Woi explains how investing in your people gives you the freedom to focus on the strategic parts of your business. When your people are engaged, motivated, and when they are connected to you, they become your first continual and your last line of defense.

You might be surprised to learn that being curious about the people on your team doesn’t take a lot of time. By giving your employees just a few minutes a day to feel seen, heard, and understood, it has a huge impact on the fulfillment of that employee, while also elevating your entire team!

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I’m Rosa Ponce de Leon, founder of Empower to Bloom and host of Powerful at Work Radio, where I help small business owners build the type of resilient teams and bulletproof work cultures top performers want to work for through personalized consulting services and leadership training.

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