“It's not about your processes or technical skills. It's about your people.” with Lily Woi, Career Coach

“It’s not about your processes or technical skills. It’s about your people.” with Lily Woi, Career Coach | E69

As business owners, we often feel like we have to do everything ourselves. But imagine a workplace culture where your employees are practically begging to take work off your plate… 

In this Powerful at Work Radio podcast episode, Lily Woi explains how investing in your people gives you the freedom to focus on the strategic parts of your business. When your people are engaged, motivated, and when they are connected to you, they become your first continual and your last line of defense. 

Tune in to hear how by making it about your employees, they become committed to your vision and eager to help your business succeed…

Episode Outline:

  • [03:50] And that’s why people get so burned out in the workplace… 
  • [06:22] Are you creating strong bonds and loyalty with your people?
  • [11:10] Finding the people with the right knowledge to help you.
  • [12:15] It’s the small moments that people will reflect on in five or ten years…
  • [15:55] No one wants to fail. No one wants to do a bad job. 

About Lily Woi:

Lily Woi has reshaped her career by 180 when she hit her limit and could not imagine living another day not achieving her full potential. Her journey has been an inspiration to many people, from naively letting her company mould her into another corporate consultant to breaking free, taking charge of her career and carving out a role for herself in her company that fits her passion. 

She’s now on a mission to do the same for others and to help leaders understand the value of having people on the team who are truly fulfilled, and how to get there. Lily helps corporate professionals to get purposeful and intentional, to break the glass ceiling and to unleash their full potential. The bottom line is they will get excited about their careers again.

Lily holds a Diploma of Transformational Coaching, is a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management, a trained facilitator for #IamRemarkable workshops and trained in optimizing team dynamics. Lily is also an Executive Contributor with Brainz Magazine. 

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