"Is conflict bringing you down?" with Rosa Ponce de Leon, Leadership Strategist

Is conflict bringing you down?

Conflict isn’t a new idea, your employees deal with it in their daily life at home. Some people deal with it more confidently than others. Building a culture that promotes positive conflict resolution distinguishes good companies from bad ones.


As a business owner there are seven easy things you can do to promote healthy conflict resolution on your team:

  1. Clarify the source – Conflict normally stems from one person not feeling like their needs are being met. Defining the cause of the problem will help you get to the root of it all. It is important for each party to fully understand the issue before it can be resolved.
  2. Create a safe space – In order for conflict to be fully addressed, there needs to be a safe space without fear of retaliation. If at all possible it should be private and limited to the parties involved. Find a neutral space like a conference room so neither person has a home field advantage.
  3. Listen actively – Set ground rules for the conversation to keep things professional. Give each party equal time to voice their point of view. Allow them to honestly share their perspective without interruption. 
  4. Investigate – Take some time to consider each side and then investigate the situation before offering a solution. Speak to involved parties or bystanders to get the full picture.
  5. Find ways to share a common ground – Everyone wants to get along with coworkers. Help them find common ground.  
  6. Agree on a solution – Once you have common ground you can help them come to an agreement for settling the issue. Outline each party’s area of responsibility and help them understand they have a common goal as  members of the team.
  7. Evaluate how things are going – Keep a pulse on the situation and develop preventative strategies. Look for lessons that can be applied to future situations.


Learning how to manage and resolve conflict at work is an integral part of meeting company objectives and creating a positive work culture. If your team needs strategies and tactics to resolve conflict and bolster communication, schedule a free strategy call.


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