“How to lead a happy, successful team that is client-focused” with Kara Hoholik, Social Impact Marketing Founder | E64

“How to lead a happy, successful team that is client-focused” with Kara Hoholik, Social Impact Marketing Founder | E64

In the world of social media marketing, Kara Hoholik believes that building a true connection with your audience takes research, vulnerability and authenticity. When it comes to creating a team of high performers, the same principles apply.

In this Powerful at Work Radio podcast episode, Kara talks about how she built a team of nine employees in just two years. Her secret to building a rock star team? It starts with embracing humanity in the work and understanding that we all have lives outside of work.

Tune in to hear how giving a little grace can benefit your business tenfold…

Episode Outline:

  • [02:00] Why building an authentic connection can take more time but benefits your business in the long run…
  • [07:29] We don’t want what’s shiny and pretty, we want real. 
  • [09:23] Do you know who will support you? Or who will leave?
  • [11:06] To be authentic online is to do what you’re comfortable with and not do what you’re not comfortable with.
  • [14:11] How recognizing that we all have lives outside of work benefits us, instead of working against us…

About Kara Hoholik:

Kara Hoholik helps social impact business leaders create compelling content to build community around their work. As the founder of Social for Good, a content marketing agency that supports entrepreneurs, small businesses, and nonprofits, she works to amplify positive messaging, connect others online, and spark belief in a vision for a better future through content writing, design, marketing, and social media. 

Kara lives on a farm outside of Grand Rapids, MI with her husband and 3 bright and wild children. When she’s not wiping muddy feet, you can find her reading with a cup of cold coffee still sitting in the microwave. Growing up in New Jersey, Kara studied sociology and Spanish, enabling her to travel internationally for the first time to Costa Rica. She then moved to Michigan to pursue a Master’s Degree in Education, fell in love with the slow vibe (and a guy), but stayed for the craft beer. 

Kara feels most like herself when she travels – immersed in a new culture and place. She openly struggles with anxiety, though she admits it often fuels her passions in a good way. She believes in counseling, public education, anti-racism, freedom, and equality, and that a really good shower can solve everything.

Business and marketing found Kara by way of direct sales. She started for fun, by accident, and enjoyed connecting online around the schedules of her kids. She loved the freedom and flexibility it gave and opened her eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. With no limits, she no longer had to follow scripts or paths designated by others – she could pave her own way. 

From stay-at-home mom to CEO, Kara works on issues of a global scale while chasing her kids around the yard. Her work has been published in Harness, she was recently featured in Authority and on The List TV and Ticker News, and she has contributed to The New York Times.

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