Build a company employees love and top performers want to work for.


Culture is your business’s most valuable asset. It’s the climate high-performance teams thrive in — or die from.

If you don’t make an effort to cultivate a culture worth fighting for, you risk:

– Mistakes that cost more than just money

– Losing your best employees to high turnover

– Lagging motivation and a lack of initiative

– A dissatisfied workforce where issues fester

– Waning productivity and slimmer profits

What does your company need most right now?

Exemplary culture

Every employee contributes their full potential. Create a culture that prevents burnout, fosters valuable relationships, and protects your top talent.

Equipped leaders

Leaders are trained to run the company as you would. Train your leaders to produce the results you want, while fostering the culture you intend.

Elevated performance

Teamwork, trust, and top-notch operating protocols turn your staff into a force multiplier. Invest in defining and training a way to work that maximizes effort.

Rosa Ponce de Leon

Business Consultant | Leadership Strategist

As a longstanding servant in the public sector, I have successfully led teams, small and large, to great success through difficult situations from unproductive work cultures to major national crises. The same principles that apply to disaster preparedness can also reconstruct your company culture. 

To facilitate change that has a longstanding impact on your business, my team and I bring our unique gifts for excavating potential and fostering resilience within your teams. I operate from a place of love for people that inspires change from the innermost depths.

What leaders are saying:

“Rosa is a fantastic leadership coach, and her work ethic is beyond exceptional.
~Elizabeth G., Police Supervisor and Coast Guard Reservist

“Rosa is a role model, and she genuinely wants you to succeed. She helped me see qualities about myself I could not see and refined them.”
~Yolanda A., Probation Officer

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Build a bulletproof culture

Learn the 5 critical steps for creating an environment where high-performance teams can complete any mission together.

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Learn to build a bulletproof culture.

Learn the 5 critical steps for creating an environment
where high-performance teams can complete any mission together.


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