“Fireproofing instead of firefighting your business” with Jeff Schwisow, Speaker, Strategic Consultant and Author

“Fireproofing instead of firefighting your business” with Jeff Schwisow, Speaker, Strategic Consultant and Author | E73

How many “hair on fire” moments could you avoid in your business if you spent more time fireproofing instead of firefighting? Jeff Schwisow is a Strategic Consultant with years of project management under his belt.

One of the best ways to fireproof your business? Have an adaptable strategy that includes everyone on your team. This gives them something to be engaged in that’s meaningful. And when they are a part of the strategy, they know what’s needed to support the plan.

Tune in for Jeff’s secrets for creating a collaborative environment where you can focus on the vision of your company, while your team executes the plan…

Episode Outline:

  • [02:54] Changing the way businesses operate…
  • [05:28] …Coming up with ideas that established businesses didn’t see coming and it’s disrupting the market. 
  • [06:43] Why your strategy should be adaptable and not an annual event..
  • [11:22] You’re actually giving your people autonomy to pursue a very specific short term step toward that longer-term goal.
  • [12:49] Communication is good. Collaboration is better.

About Jeff Schwisow:

As a speaker, strategic consultant and author of PROJECTIFY, Jeff Schwisow helps businesses become more adaptable and resilient by tapping into the rich diversity of knowledge, experience, thought and perspective that exists within every organization. 

He shows business leaders how valuing difference can help them leverage their leadership and ‘make strategy’. His clients have included: Shell, Chevron, PetroChina, CPB Contractors, Downer Utilities, Powercor/Citipower and many more.    

A free electronic copy of his book ‘PROJECTIFY – How to use projects to engage your people in strategy that evolves your business’

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