“Supporting the high performers on your team” with Elinor Moshe, Thought Leader, Mentor and Author

E59: “Supporting the high performers on your team” with Elinor Moshe, Thought Leader, Mentor and Author

Imagine if instead of paying employees for their time, they were paid for the results they produced. How would that shake up your culture? Elinor Moshe knows it would be one way to identify the real high performers on your team. 

You might hear “high performer” and think of the charismatic, cheerleader type. That might not be the case, your high performer might actually be the quiet, “boring” employee who has a silent power. A high performer is that person who consistently and continuously produces results that exceed what the company expects.

Tune into this Powerful at Work Radio podcast episode to learn why listening to your high performers is so important…

Episode Outline:

  • [02:41] Why mindset matters when it comes to building 
  • [06:23] 3 common career paths and why not everyone desires to become an entrepreneur
  • [09:50] Having a culture that supports innovation…
  • [11:54] It’s listening to your A-players because they’re probably the ones who are training your business, like it’s their business.
  • [16:30] We need to work on the business. Otherwise you’re not captaining the ship, you’re on the floor scrubbing the decks.

About Elinor Moshe:

Elinor once stood at the periphery of her own career, feeling lost, invisible, confused. She gave away power and agency over her own trajectory, feeling dulled and limited. She then realised diminishing herself to fit in will never work. 

Elinor took back control over her career, maintained extreme ownership and unwavering self-belief in her vision and her purpose. 

This led to Elinor founding Australia’s first ‘construction coach’, The Construction Coach. As a Thought Leader, Elinor is also the host of the leading industry podcast, Constructing You and Author of Constructing Your Career.

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