"Wearing your heart on your sleeve to pursue your passion" with Alan Meade, Performer, Singer, DJ and Emcee

E27: “Wearing your heart on your sleeve to pursue your passion” with Alan Meade, Performer, Singer, DJ and Emcee

As a Musician and Emcee, Alan is motivated by the smiling faces in a crowd, giving a piece of himself with each performance. But when performances were put on hold due to quarantine, Alan, along with the support of his wife, decided to do something for himself. He shares with us the creative journey and staying grounded in the industry.

With an impressive career in music, Alan put his heart on his sleeve and wrote a song about something many people struggle with: being in a dark place. Tune in to hear Alan’s inspiring story… Be sure to pick up his latest release, NewSkin by Alan Meade where ever you find your music. Anyone could be struggling with suicide. For help, visit or call the 24/7 Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. You connect with Alan on the socials @Djalanpaul, #Djalanpaul, #5smdj, or check out his website to connect:

About Alan Meade:

Alan Meade is an energetic performer, singer, DJ and Emcee who’s been in the entertainment biz for over 25 years. Alan was born in the country of Panama, Central America and moved to Orange County California at a young age where he discovered his strong love for music and singing.

Alan started his music career as one of the original members of the Grammy Award winning group No Doubt first as trumpet player and then as co-singer alongside Gwen Stefani. In 2005 Alan took his love for music to the next level by opening up his very own mobile DJ service and began playing for schools, corporate events and weddings.

Ultimately Alan’s speaking, singing and delegating skills would prove the perfect combination for the ultimate wedding DJ and has become his specialty.

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