“Creating a mentally healthy environment within ourselves” with Dana Kaplan, Emotional Intelligence and Education Consultant

“Creating a mentally healthy environment within ourselves” with Dana Kaplan, Emotional Intelligence and Education Consultant | E76

How often have you felt riddled with anxiety or stress? Have you felt so frustrated with your workplace culture that you didn’t know how to start bringing about change? Dana Kaplan encourages you to stop waiting until you need mental health services, to go ahead and create a mentally healthy environment within yourself, and for the people you support.

In this Powerful at Work Radio episode, Rosa and Dana talk about why it’s so important to have self awareness to become mentally healthy so that you can create a healthy environment for everyone. We can’t bring change to our workplace without first changing ourselves…

Episode Outline:

  • [03:04] How to restructure so that you can show up enthusiastically ready to play.
  • [06:21] 2022 is your year to design, to cultivate, to create, to foster, to nourish all that you want.
  • [10:57] Remember to speak to yourself the way you speak to me and the way you speak to the world.
  • [13:36] We’ve got to do something differently if we want a different result.
  • [16:21] Why being busy doesn’t equate to being valuable, but sitting with yourself is key…

About Dana Kaplan:

Dana Kaplan, Founder and Owner of Developing Empathetic Education with Dana (DEED)®, is an award winning Gifted and Early Childhood Educator and Social Emotional Intelligence expert, pioneering DEIAB – Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility, and Belonging for birth to 12th grade. Dana’s niche approach propels rich self-awareness while purposefully empowering children and adults to masterfully and confidently communicate and create the world they crave. Dana leads small and large group workshops, and speaks internationally on how to empower and engage in hard conversations.

Mission: I believe Emotional Intelligence is the driving force behind self-awareness, compassion, inclusivity, and bridging humanity through actionable steps, regardless of age. I purposefully empower, enlighten, and lead with flexibility, curiosity, and feedback while propelling each person to access and utilize their positively powerful voice and create the world they desire!

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