“Caught up in the hustle culture? Here’s how to escape” with Kimberly Smith, Resilience & Life Transition Coach

“Caught up in the hustle culture? Here’s how to escape” with Kimberly Smith, Resilience & Life Transition Coach | E74

You know you’re caught up in the hustle culture when there are never enough hours in the day, your friends and family are wondering if you still exist, and you’re just downright exhausted. Kimberly Smith is all too familiar with what happens when we don’t give ourselves enough space to rest and recover. We get caught up in that fight or flight mentality, and some of us even freeze up.

Tune into this Powerful at Work Radio podcast episode to hear how you can escape the hustle culture and ditch your feelings of guilt and shame…

Episode Outline:

  • [01:08] Why now more than ever, people are feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders…
  • [05:25] Inflamed bells or whistles are going off, at all times. 
  • [09:31] Here’s why you should be setting boundaries…
  • [14:23] As a leader, you may want to consider bringing in outside help for your employees.
  • [16:24] You’re going to get more out of your people when, you allow them to slow down and don’t deplete them…

About Kimberly Smith:

Kimberly Smith is a Resilience & Life Transition Coach and the founder of Encompass Coaching. She is a native New Yorker, proud Houstonian, truth seeker, DEIJ and mental health advocate, yogi, and mother.

Through coaching services, speaking, and writing, Kimberly helps busy women, mothers and entrepreneurs stop stressing and focus, so they can flourish within their careers, families, businesses, and relationships. Kimberly’s clients move through self-doubt, build a positive and resilient mindset while increasing energy and confidence, and crushing their personal and professional goals.

Kimberly is degreed in Sociology and Psychology, is an internationally certified life and career coach, and spent over 10 years in corporate talent acquisition for a variety of industries. She is a servant leader passionate about dissolving the stigma around mental health, and dedicated to empowering others to live more authentic lives full of passion, purpose, courage, freedom and adventure.

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