“Accommodating your employees’ dreams” with Kimberly Young, CEO & Founder

“Accommodating your employees’ dreams” with Kimberly Young, CEO & Founder | E70

In business we often forget that people are multidimensional. We all have dreams of experiencing new things. Rarely do people like to stay put in the same position. If you’re not offering your employees a way to experience new things, how are you contributing to their growth or happiness?

Imagine the employee that dreams of becoming a pilot some day. Does your company offer something to that effect? It could be as simple as letting that employee leave an hour early every day to take flight lessons. 

In this Powerful at Work Radio episode, Kimberly Young shares her journey of self-discovery and uncovering her passion. Tune in to find out how you can help your employees in their own journey and create a win-win for everyone…

Episode Outline:

  • [02:17] Kimberly shares her emotional journey of overcoming hardship.
  • [06:02] Checking in with your employees to see if you can help, without prying…
  • [10:18] If you see someone make mistakes, don’t just write them off. 
  • [12:29] Let’s go ahead and revamp some things in your life. Let’s educate ourselves on what we can and can’t do.
  • [15:55] Women, regret and self sabotage, where things go wrong…

About Kimberly Young:

Kimberly F. Young, CEO & Founder of Forever Young Management Services, LLC, empowers career driven women break free of an unfilled life and discover their passion and purpose.

Overcoming abuse, teen pregnancy, and homelessness, Kimberly went on a journey of self-discovery and uncovered her passion of helping others and seeing them succeed in their own life. She uses her CORES method to teach women the various ways to unleash their highest level of potential and talents.  

Kimberly has been featured in Be Your Own Magazine and as a guest on Entrepreneur Podcast Network where she discussed her own personal and professional journey  She is an excellent addition to anyone’s conference, podcast, panel or show as she provides fresh and unique perspectives to multiple topics.

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