"5 tips for helping employees take ownership of their work" with Rosa Ponce de Leon, Leadership Strategist

5 tips for helping employees take ownership of their work

Your leadership is crucial to your team’s performance. The steps that you take to build a positive environment has a direct effect on how they show up and deliver results.

If your team is hesitant to take action and needs constant reassurance, you may need to make some tweaks to the way you communicate with your employees. Check out these 5 tips for helping your employees take ownership:

  1. Share your vision – people perform better when they feel like they are a part of something that is bigger than themselves.

  2. Involve them in planning and goal setting – invite their ideas and input. Let them see you are interested in their perspective on processes and outcomes.

  3. Explain your why – don’t just assign a task. Elaborate on why it needs to be done, and if it needs to happen a certain way, make sure it’s clear why those specific steps are required.

  4. Let them choose how – when possible ask for a specific outcome, but leave it up to them to devise how they will do it. Check in to make sure they are on target and ask questions to keep them on the right path.

  5. Delegate authority not just work – provide opportunities for them to take leadership roles in meetings to continually hone in their skills


We know how hard team building is and we want to support you as you develop a bulletproof culture that encourages employees to take ownership of their work and become future leaders in your organization.

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