“Would your employees choose you to be their leader?” with Delpha DiGiacom, Leader, Author & Blogger

“Would your employees choose you to be their leader?” with Delpha DiGiacom, Leader, Author & Blogger | E67

As leaders and business owners, we typically get to handpick our teams. But would your employees choose you to be their leader if given the choice?

People become leaders for different reasons. Some have been promoted through the ranks and becoming a leader is the next “logical” step, some have an appetite for power and control, and some are there to serve. 

Delpha DiGiacom wants leaders to understand one thing: People are working with you, not for you. It’s your job to create a collaborative environment where everyone feels fulfilled and has a desire to do their part. 

Tune into this Powerful at Work Radio episode to learn why creating fulfillment in others leads to greater productivity, rather than just getting the work done…

Episode Outline:

  • [01:34] Newsflash, your way is not the best way!
  • [03:26] What’s your internal pressure for leading people?
  • [06:20] Why loving your team is key to leading them…
  • [09:44] If you take that perspective of fulfillment and you apply it to working with others, whether employees, peers, leaders, et cetera, then what you’ll find is that their experience is richer.
  • [14:24] How to create a culture that engages employees…

About Delpha DiGiacom:

Delpha DiGiacomo is an accomplished leader with over 20 years of experience in the corporate world. Currently an Assistant Vice President at a Fortune 100 company, Delpha’s experience has fueled her passion for helping others as blogger, author, speaker and podcaster of Leadership Lifestyle Conversations. Delpha has an undeniable dedication for influencing meaningful change for women and people of color.

Her focus on authenticity and challenging corporate cultures to be more accepting of the impact people of color bring to the workplace has created opportunities for her to be invited as a recurring guest speaker. She has also provided perspective on recruiting strategies with an eye for Diversity on behalf of various clients who are starting their focused diversity and inclusion initiatives. 

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