“Using our emotions to be successful in our work every single day” with Blake Schofield, Founder & CEO

“Using our emotions to be successful in our work every single day” with Blake Schofield, Founder & CEO | E65

As women leaders, we have a lot of responsibility on our shoulders. We’re raised to believe it’s our job to take care of everyone. We’re balancing raising children, taking care of our homes, and finding time for ourselves. And when we get to work, we’re expected to check our home lives and emotions at the door.

Blake Schofield wants to see more humanity brought into the workplace and into Corporate America. We are not robots and our employees aren’t either. We each have our fears, doubts, and anxieties. When we can’t express our emotions, we create environments where people are constantly redoing things and afraid to make a move.

In this Powerful at Work Radio episode, tune in to hear how embracing emotions in your company opens the door to greater success…

Episode Outline:

  • [02:02] We’ve been raised to believe we have to take care of everybody else and it’s selfish to take care of ourselves.
  • [05:18] You don’t need to be in the C-suite to change the corporate culture. 
  • [07:01] Leadership 101, creating more leaders…
  • [08:09] Was the corporate environment created for men?
  • [11:10] Why so many women are seen as successful, yet so unhappy in their careers…

About Blake Schofield:

Blake Schofield is the Founder of Connections Illuminated, a mom of three and former corporate executive who spent 18 years in Corporate America building, growing and turning around 8 and 9-figure businesses.

Despite her success, Blake constantly found herself feeling unsettled, chasing the next job or promotion to “make it better” so she could finally do fulfilling work and be able to have the time she wanted to have a less stressful and more present family life.   Blake’s personal journey through three career changes, years of seeking the right path for her life, overcoming the fear and doubt of forging a new path, and successfully building and running her own multi six figure business is the basis of the work she does everyday.  

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