"Tips to Talk to an Underperforming Employee" with Rosa Ponce de Leon, Leadership Strategist

Tips to Talk to an Underperforming Employee

We’ve all been there. There is always at least one person on the team who doesn’t perform to the standard required for their position. If left unchecked, it can become a major energy suck on your team.

But many small business owners aren’t sure how to handle the conversation. They are afraid that if they have a heart-to-heart with their employee matters will only get worse. But, that’s actually counterproductive, if left unchecked performance will continue to decline and so will morale.

If you need to talk to an underperforming employee try these simple tips:

  1. Be honest – honesty is always the best policy. Don’t sugar coat the situation. Be kind and use specific incidents to bring clarity to the situation.

  2. Create metrics for the job – poor performance can be brought on by lack of clarity for the job requirements. Having an outline of what metrics needs to be achieved can rectify the problem.

  3. Have the right mindset – create an atmosphere that is conducive to open sharing. The last thing you want to do is put your employee on the defensive. The more you understand about the lack of motivation and low performance, the better you can problem-solve.

  4. Ask questions and listen – you may not see the full picture. Ask others on the team for their input into the situation and listen to feedback from your under performer. There could be external stressors that are causing poor performance.

  5. Collaborate to create an action plan – moving forward it will be essential to provide quick and positive feedback to help your employee course correct. Knowing you are on their side and want to see them succeed will help them regain confidence and rebuild trust.


The three biggest workplace problems revolve around poor leadership, poor communication, and poor accountability. We are here to help you hone in on these three important skill sets so you can build a bulletproof culture where everyone thrives!

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