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Powerful at Work Radio provides weekly insights into how seasoned leaders optimize their workforce. Learn how CEO’s and business experts invigorate their teams and maximize performance, so you can too. 

Each episode offers advice about professional development and fostering strong relationships you can implement today. Work should provide fulfillment and be an extension of your life’s purpose. Listen in weekly to learn how to cultivate a gratifying work culture.

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How many “hair on fire” moments could you avoid in your business if you spent more time fireproofing instead of firefighting? Jeff Schwisow is a Strategic Consultant with years of project management under his belt. One of the best ways to fireproof your business? Have an adaptable strategy that includes everyone on your team.

Your responsibility as a leader? Developing other leaders. Let’s face it, your role as it exists today isn’t going to be there forever. Who is going to continue the legacy of your company or your business? And will that person be happy doing it?

Whether someone on your team has an addiction to alcohol, gambling, or even work (yes being a workaholic is an addiction), there are ways that you can support them. It starts with building a culture where people aren’t scared of you. Leaders can also use assessments, such as DISC, to understand their strengths and to play to the strengths of their employees. Tune in to hear more from Maureen about why she wishes people would stop contributing to the stigma of addiction and help make a difference instead…

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I’m Rosa Ponce de Leon, founder of Empower to Bloom and host of Powerful at Work Radio, where I help small business owners build the type of resilient teams and bulletproof work cultures top performers want to work for through personalized consulting services and leadership training.

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