"How sports can make you a better leader” with Lee Hackett, CEO, Speaker and Podcast Host

E61: “How sports can make you a better leader” with Lee Hackett, CEO, Speaker and Podcast Host

Playing sports takes drive, determination, and discipline. It also means being coachable, humble and resilient, all of which are core qualities in any great leader. 

In this Powerful at Work Radio podcast episode, Lee Hackett shares his journey from soccer player to CEO. He shares why being the “tough as nails” leader was not the way, but becoming obsessed with what he didn’t know and staying curious was what transformed him into a stronger leader and business owner.

Tune in to hear more about Lee’s journey and why it’s always about the team, not an individual person…

Episode Outline:

  • [05:18] The loneliness of making the tough decisions is part of the job. 
  • [07:47] How playing sports gave Lee the confidence and transferable skills he needed…
  • [10:42] Team dynamics and being the youngest manager in the room…
  • [11:59] The opponent is actually the other team and we need to band together.
  • [13:32] It took me years of learning the hard way and making tons of mistakes…

About Lee Hackett:

Lee is the CEO of BluprintX, responsible for their strategic growth. He specializes in straight-talking consultancy for C-Level at some of the largest organizations in the world.

Lee was a professional footballer with Wigan Athletic FC before turning to the world of business.

As a seasoned operator and investor of start up businesses, Lee specializes in how to drive revenue and improve scalability through the power of data and technology. He has played a leading role in the creation and scaling of 7 startups in 3 continents over the last 10 years, driving over £50 million in net new revenue without a single penny of outside investment. Several became market leaders within 1-3 years, leading to trade sales to FTSE 200 organizations and global companies.

A leading practitioner of BrandTech for amazing customer experience, Lee is a popular public speaker on marketing, big data, people transformation, entrepreneurship and how to grow profitable business quickly. He is a firm believer in using technology and innovation to drive modern organizations, speaking around the world in key cities such as London, Tokyo, New York and more.

Lee hosts BluprintX’s podcast series, Level Up, which documents a raw look into real business issues. If you’re interested in featuring as a guest on the podcast or having Lee speak at your event, contact Lee at

Lee is currently working on his first book, which will show entrepreneurs and startups how to master data to scale up their business.

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