“Why business owners should slow down to speed up” with Teri Karjala, Life Transformation Strategist

E60: “Why business owners should slow down to speed up” with Teri Karjala, Life Transformation Strategist

As entrepreneurs, we often take pride in how busy we are, but are we busy doing the right things? It might sound counterintuitive, but slowing down is one way to speed up and accomplish more in your day. 

Teri Karjala is a thought leader who knows that “powering through” is not the secret to success. In this Powerful at Work Radio podcast episode, Teri shares her recipe for time management and why multitasking is actually one of the biggest “time sucks” in your day.

Find out how you can be more intentional with your time, stay focused, and get some time back into your day…

Episode Outline:

  • [01:56] Prepping the dirt before you plant the seeds…
  • [03:30] We forget that we need to slow down to repair the brain.
  • [04:53] Our culture celebrates a strong work ethic, but maybe that’s not where we need to be. 
  • [06:52] Why building in breaks is key to managing your time better…
  • [08:41] If we’re not intentional with the time that we do have, we are going to let things drag on and we’re creating that in our people, in our team as well. 
  • [14:03] Seeing the good in each other using patience, kindness, and love.

About Teri Karjala:

Teri Karjala is a Transformational Life Strategist, the founder of Creative Counseling Center,  host of her podcast, Talking With Teri, and the bestselling author of Be The Magic of You: Tools to Transform Your Life with a foreword written by Jack Canfield. She is a Premier Success Coach with eWomen Network and a coach with Forbes. She has been featured on many television shows, podcasts, and radio shows, including Hay House.

Teri is a thought-leader in female empowerment and entrepreneurship. Teri has combined her counseling background with energy psychology and applied the principles of quantum physics to transform people’s lives.

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