“Breaking beyond the surface of Imposter Syndrome” with Victor Mosconi, Founder and Coach

E55: “Breaking beyond the surface of Imposter Syndrome” with Victor Mosconi, Founder and Coach

As leaders we often do our best to champion our employees, giving them extra encouragement when they need it most. Unfortunately when it comes to Imposter Syndrome, this type of positive reinforcement might not be helping in the way we intend. So what happens when you give someone positive reinforcement only for them to be met with self doubt and feelings of imposter syndrome?

In this Powerful at Work Radio episode, Victor Mosconi shares why positive reinforcement may not be helping your employees overcome their feelings of inadequacy. Tune in to hear Victor share what you as the leader can do instead. 

Together you can make a world of difference with your employees and how they internalize their accomplishments and achievements.

Episode Outline:

  • [03:32] How external factors can influence the way your employees feel about their work
  • [06:10] Why breaking beyond the surface isn’t an overnight thing…
  • [7:58] You feel like you’re over questioning everything.
  • [13:18] If your employees are hiding themselves or making themselves small, it might be because of this…
  • [17:35] One thing leaders can do to help their employees overcome Imposter Syndrome.

About Victor Mosconi:

Victor has had a life-long experience with imposter syndrome and has learned how to recognize it, reframe his thoughts and make it work for him. He is a PhD Candidate in Psychology, with a MS in Psychology of Leadership Development and Coaching, and an MA in Industrial & Organizational Psychology. Former history/social science middle school teacher, and he is the founder of Imposter Solution coaching. He uses his experience, knowledge, training, and coaching skills to help women leaders and entrepreneurs overcome their self-doubt and imposter thoughts to develop the mindset to achieve the goals and life they desire.

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