“Getting your team to embrace and believe in new ways of doing things” with Keith Murley, Business & Technology Executive

E53: “Getting your team to embrace and believe in new ways of doing things” with Keith Murley, Business & Technology Executive

As a Technology Executive, Keith Murley knows that getting your team to love and embrace new technologies and processes can be challenging. Oftentimes people fear that the new way of doing things will actually complicate things or even take longer than doing things “the way we’ve always done them”. And leaders are met with resentment.

The best way to get buy-in? Have strong relationships with people. Are you implementing a new idea without doing the research to see if it’s a true help and not a hindrance? Are you listening to feedback or are you too focused on completing the project? How you show up for your team is what ultimately builds trust and gets them to support new technology and processes.

In this Powerful at Work Radio, tune in to find out how you can do work differently…

Episode Outline:

  • [04:48] Taking the time to see how things currently work before changing them…
  • [07:15] How we’ve grown since the early days of technology and IT departments
  • [15:01] The most successful implementations of technology are always when people believe in it, and aren’t resisting it
  • [17:37] Collaboration, competence, and commitment are 3 secret ingredients
  • [21:52] How you choose to communicate can make or break your next initiative

About Keith Murley:

Keith Murley is driven by an innate curiosity of life, endless hunger for learning, and empathy to serve.

Keith’s great-grandfather was head of the Department of Classical Languages at Northwestern University, whose work has been memorialized in the U.S Library of Congress; his grandfather, an early member of IBM Corporation, was employed as a programmer and mathematician, authoring and co-authoring many scientific and technical journal articles, as well as being the grantee of three US patents; his father, a software developer, designer and entrepreneur, contributed to the manufacturing industry utilizing robots, electronic monitoring equipment and logic controllers.

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Keith is a multi-talented entrepreneur, business and technology leader, and philanthropist, with a proven track record of exceptional performance. Graduating early from high school, he studied computer information systems and completed further specialized training in the areas of strategic business management, disaster recovery / business continuity, and network administration. Keith speaks English and Spanish fluently, having had the privilege of living with his family as a child in Ecuador.

For nearly two decades, he has successfully completed progressively larger business strategic initiatives and technology projects across diverse industries and globally extended teams. Keith has been celebrated by many colleagues, clients, and partners as the best of his kind.

Today, Keith Murley serves as the CEO of MAAPPEN, a strategic technology consulting firm, and the Founder of The Center for Good, a global philanthropic organization.

Keith is passionate in helping individuals and businesses to define, optimize, and keep score of their goals, both personally and professionally.

It starts with people, always.      

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