“Are empathy and vulnerability leadership superpowers?” with Chuck & Ashley Elliott, Relationship Specialists

E50: “Are empathy and vulnerability leadership superpowers?” with Chuck & Ashley Elliott, Relationship Specialists

No one wants to feel like a cog in a wheel, people want to feel valued. In this Powerful at Work Radio podcast episode, learn how you can use empathy and vulnerability to connect with the people on your team.

Chuck and Ashley Elliott are Relationship Specialists that know that people make better decisions when they are in a positive space. So how can you as a leader help your employees switch from a negative mentality to a positive one? 

We often feel like we shouldn’t blur the line between our professional and personal personas. But when you embrace the heart of a servant leader, and think about how you can best serve and develop your people, you’ll see it takes developing the whole person, not just the professional version. If you take a long term approach to drawing the best out of each individual, everyone wins!

Episode Outline:

  • [04:23] When you pay attention to how people are feeling, you can get them the help they need to succeed in and out of the workplace.
  • [6:03] Why investing in your team may not have an upfront cost, but it does take effort and commitment…
  • [10:31] I’m going to use my sphere of influence to help you win and help the organization win.
  • [13:29] How unmet expectations can shift your employees into a negative space.
  • [17:51] It’s helping people to be self aware and taking ownership…

About Chuck & Ashley Elliott:

In addition to being a pastor and a professor, Chuck and Ashley Elliott are relationship specialists who help people build thriving personal and professional relationships. Their marriage, career, and grief content is available on many platforms including RightNow Media and YouVersion. 

Understanding that building a legacy happens only with great intention, they speak, coach, and offer online programs to help individuals increase awareness of the cognitive and behavioral patterns that impact their work and family life.

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