Interview of Becky Kekula, Motivational Speaker and Inclusion Advocate

E5: Interview of Becky Kekula, Motivational Speaker and Inclusion Advocate

Becky Curran Kekula, International Motivational Speaker, shares her story about being born with dwarfism and being raised by supportive parents who wanted her to experience life to the fullest.

Becky talks about why experiencing adversity is not a bad thing and why we need to find more ways to relate than differentiate ourselves.

Becky shares her desire to help educate and level the playing field for people with disabilities.

Tune in to Rosa’s interview with Becky, to hear why it’s important to look for ways to embrace resiliency gained from overcoming adversities…

You can email Becky at or on the socials @BeckyMotivates or check out her website to connect:

About Becky Kekula:

Becky Kekula is a motivational speaker and an advocate for inclusion everywhere! Becky received her Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Providence College, where she gained a passion for influencing change behind the scenes in the entertainment industry and large corporations. Becky worked for a decade in the entertainment and news media industries and now she works to advance disability inclusion and equality in the corporate world.

Becky also happens to be a little person who is proud to identify as part of the disability community. She has spoken at over 200 venues such as companies, government agencies and schools and as far away as Africa! Becky is happy to be sharing her expertise today as we strive to advance disability inclusion worldwide!

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