Interview with Steve McCullar, Healthcare Professional & Speaker

E4: Interview with Steve McCullar, Healthcare Professional & Speaker

Steve McCullar shares what happened when he found himself in a position that was NOT in alignment with his calling…or so he thought. In Rosa’s latest interview, you’ll learn why it is important to develop your gifts and calling from an early age.

A rowdy kid by nature, Steve’s parents challenged him but did not hold him back from being himself.

Steve reminds us that the value of hard work is fundamental to anyone’s success. And why no matter how old you are, you still have to be coachable, honest, and willing to adapt. Have flexibility and watch those doors open…

About Steve McCullar:

Steve McCullar, MPH, MBA, PHDc Founder/President, Steve McCullar LLC Healthcare Professional, Professional Speaker, Professor, Scholar, Trainer/Coach, Entrepreneur, and Global Health Consultant.

Steve has been speaking in front of audiences since a young age, and is a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and Toastmasters International. A participant in the 2012 FOCUS Saint Louis Emerging Leaders Program and 2013 New Leaders Council Fellowship, Steve remains active in his local community.

Steve has many years of healthcare and leadership experience, including several degrees in Sports Medicine, Global Health, Project Management, and Public Policy & Administration. He is a veteran (US Navy Hospital Corpsman) and member of the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Steve McCullar LLC specializes in developing leaders and managers. Whether it is training in a corporate setting, university classroom, or convention centers, Steve is ready to train leaders.

Specializing in the areas of organizational culture and communication, leadership and development strategies, and bridging the gap between a college education and the business world, he brings experience, passion, compassion, and a realistic approach to being an “achiever”. Steve enjoys traveling the world working on humanitarian and medical missions.

He can be contacted via

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