“Leveraging your emotions to seamlessly adapt through transition” with Noa Ronen, Coach, Speaker, Author

E37: “Leveraging your emotions to seamlessly adapt through transition” with Noa Ronen, Coach, Speaker, Author

As an Israeli moving to America, Noa shares her experience with transition and how she overcame the feeling of being lost. As she adapted, she was called to help others navigate through transitions happening in their lives. Even though the experience will differ from person to person, grief is present in most transitions. When someone’s connection with a thing, place, or person they have associated affection towards is disrupted by change or transition – the feeling of grief takes place.

Tune in to hear how you can leverage your emotions to adapt through transition, or to help someone on your team deal with change…

Episode Outline:

[03:10] On feeling stuck and getting into coaching by mistake.

[09:42] Is there a sense of feeling lost in every transition?

[11:27] The ‘Being’ Energy.

[14:20] It’s sometimes hard to reflect on your “being” energy alone.

[16:10] Integrating the being and the doing energy together.

[17:20] Life is a series of transitions.

[18:04] You need to have quiet time.

[21:01] The book, BEyond: Leadership from AwareLess to AwareNess.

[23:58] Learn to lean back. Why?

About Noa Ronen:

Noa Ronen is your out of the box coach. She is also an author, vlogger, disruptor, and coffee lover. She brings more than 20 years of experience in Change Management, Human Resources, Project Management, and coaching.

She encourages progressive and social business leaders and their teams to challenge the norms so they can create the change they desire.

Noa’s personal relocation experience resulted in a refreshing view of the world that invites you rather than looking for others’ differences to open your mind and heart to see people and situations differently.

This is what Noa calls BEyond Leadership where your new way of being inspires and influences others. 






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