“Shifting from control to empowerment” with Alisa Cohn, #1 Startup Coach in the world at the Thinkers50 Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Awards

E35: “Shifting from control to empowerment” with Alisa Cohn, #1 Startup Coach in the world at the Thinkers50 Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Awards

Alisa Cohn believes that leadership is an unnatural act; meaning all of us have work to do to become better leaders. One way to become a better leader? Have the self awareness to know if you really want to be a leader in the first place.

Oftentimes as entrepreneurs, we get so caught up in our product or our ideas, that we have a hard time letting go and shifting that power to the people on our teams.

Tune in to hear Alisa talk about why you need to start by managing yourself first…

Episode Outline:

[01:23] Managing you, them, and it (the business).

[02:18] Here’s what won’t make your sustainable business happen…

[03:39] Having emotional self-control!

[06:02] The thing you need to make sure you’re doing as a leader.

[10:28] Not every founder has to be CEO!

[16:29] How do you handle bad performance as a leader?

[19:03] Is it easy to reinforce measures that meet goals?

[21:02] “It’s not too big, but it’s also not a one-man show.”

[23:25] One person never has the whole package.

[23:53] There is a massive influx of entrepreneurship.

About Alisa Cohn:

Named the Top Startup Coach in the World at the Thinkers50/Marshall Goldsmith Global Coaches Awards in London, Alisa Cohn has been coaching startup founders to grow into world-class CEOs for nearly 20 years. A one-time startup CFO, strategy consultant, and current angel investor and advisor, she was named a top 30 “Global Guru” and has worked with startups such as Venmo, Etsy, The Wirecutter, Mack Weldon, and Tory Burch. She has also coached CEOs and C-Suite executives at enterprise clients such as

Dell, Hitachi, Sony, IBM, Google, Microsoft, Bloomberg, The New York Times, and Calvin Klein. Alisa is a sought after speaker and has keynoted events for companies such as IBM, PwC, Dell, Standard Chartered Bank, and Citi. Inc named Alisa one of the top 100 leadership speakers. Her articles have appeared in HBR, Forbes, and Inc, and she has been featured as an expert on Bloomberg TV, the BBC World News and in the New York Times. A recovering CPA, she is also a Broadway investor in productions which have won two Tony Awards and is prone to burst into song at the slightest provocation.

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