E34: "The Issue is in the Tissue!" with Janis Isaman, Founder of My Body Couture

E34: “The Issue is in the Tissue!” with Janis Isaman, Founder of My Body Couture

Janis Isaman knows that when we feel physical pain in our body, there’s a correlation between that pain and pain in another part of our lives. Whether it be pain from a strained relationship or a toxic work environment, Janis is passionate about finding relief.

She knows that it takes more than just one visit to a practitioner, it takes a sustainable lifestyle change. Tune in to hear how you can use this correlation to start healing your pain…

About Janis Isaman:

Janis Isaman, founder of My Body Couture, helps people feel better in their body. Like most business owners today, she sees clients online and in person, and her specialty is helping people rid themselves of pain. She’s highly certified in both fitness and nutrition modalities and has been quoted as a lifestyle expert in Reader’s Digest, Prevention and Woman’s Health.

But she’s not just a textbook of knowledge with a wall full of certifications. She’s a very real person, who has lived through her own lifestyle and body challenges. In her one to one sessions, she therefore provides practical solutions for her clients, taking the time to get to know their lifestyle challenges and provide reasonable solutions with her lively personality and approachable manner. This is a woman you want to know!

You connect with Janis on the socials @MyBodyCouture or check out her website to connect:

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