Interview of Melinda Van Fleet, Success Coach, Speaker, Writer, and Business Consultant

E3: Interview of Melinda Van Fleet, Success Coach, Speaker, Writer, and Business Consultant

Are you really ever ready for life’s big changes? Rosa interviews Melinda Van Fleet, who shares her personal experience about what happened when she and her husband received the push necessary to pursue their vision.

If we spend our whole lives waiting for the perfect moment to take that next step, we may never get off the “hamster wheel” long enough to reset for that next move.

Melinda’s story reveals how taking the leap starts with confidence and knowing yourself. It also means having the right people in your corner. Take a listen to see what happened when Melinda and her husband took a chance at living their best life…

About Melinda Van Fleet:

Melinda Van Fleet is a multi-passionate success coach, speaker, writer, and business consultant who helps individuals, as well as teams, develop confidence to believe in themselves, take action and get results.

Melinda believes many women are stuck and not living their best lives – and they can! Utilizing her over 25 years of experience building businesses, and her passion for working with people, Melinda teaches women real life tools they can use to improve their confidence, relationships, increase productivity, and approach each day with a sense of purpose. Prior to launching her speaking, coaching and consulting business, Melinda rose to the top of her industry as a successful senior buyer in the corporate world as well as a top performing sales rep. She accomplished this while helping her husband launch his extremely successful business, Good Karma Sportfishing.

Now, she helps others achieve their goals and dreams too. Melinda regularly speaks to groups of corporate professionals as well as women’s groups and is the host of 2 podcasts, “The Good Karma Success Coach and Crush it in Sales.”

You can email Melinda at or on the socials @melinda_vanfleet or check out her website to connect:

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