"Changing the way we look at mental health" with Tall Paul, Founder of Never Alone

E25: “Changing the way we look at mental health” with Tall Paul, Founder of Never Alone

When it comes to physical health, as a society, we have no problem talking about areas of opportunity. If someone needs to build muscle mass, we tell them to lift weights. If someone wants to eat better, they go see a nutritionist. But when it comes to mental health, talking about it is often taboo.

Paul Marlow shares his personal story and why he’s become an advocate for changing the conversation around mental health.

Tune in to hear Paul talk about why we shouldn’t feel shame around talking about mental health issues….

You can connect with Paul on the socials @TallPaulsLife or check out his website to connect:

About Paul Marlow:

Paul Marlow, known as “Tall Paul,” grew up a gifted athlete who became a two-sport athlete in college, and was ultimately drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays.

Instead of preparing him for life afterwards, he now realizes that having everything handed to him left him unable to confidently transition in life. After spending his 20’s racking up big debt and failing at starting his own personal training business, his mental health took a hit.

A contributing factor was the death of his father. However his dad’s death had a silver lining, it gave him meaning for the first time. Meaning to find his purpose, live a full life and exceed in all the areas where he previously failed.

He now finds value in helping others to overcome similar challenges by being in a supportive community and adopting a new routine.

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