"From CEO to Sailor" with Larry Jacobson, Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Coach, Adventurer

E21: “From CEO to Sailor” with Larry Jacobson, Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Coach, Adventurer

Larry Jacobson was faced with making a transition when it came to retirement. He knew that going from CEO to lounging around the house was not going to give him a sense of fulfillment.

So he set sail around the world for 6 years uncovering a completely new adventure.

Whether you’re facing retirement or another big transition, tune in to hear Larry’s inspirational story about how you can master your fears to live out your dreams…

You can connect with Larry on Facebook @YourUnstoppableLife or check out his website to connect:

About Larry Jacobson:

Larry Jacobson, Entrepreneur & Leadership Coach A sought after and seasoned business coach, personal coach, and mentor, Jacobson uses his success in

20 years of business, and then achieving his personal dream of sailing around the world as a model to help his clients reach their goals. His experience has attracted clients from entrepreneurs, to CEO’s, to public figures.

Through coaching, motivational speaking, and writing, he teaches the skills, traits and characteristics needed to achieve great accomplishments in one’s business and personal life.

In addition to the importance of having a vision and setting goals for achievement, he speaks with credibility from experience about managing fear, takings risks, decision-making, perseverance, and his favorite subjects of passion and leadership.

His most recent publication is, Navigating Entrepreneurship. A California native, circumnavigator and adventurer, Larry Jacobson grew up on the beaches of the Pacific Ocean sailing, kayaking, swimming, and scuba diving.

An avid sailor, he has over 50,000 blue water miles under his keel and authored the six-time award-winning memoir of his circumnavigation in the book, The Boy Behind the Gate.

He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and welcomes new friends and inquiries at:

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