E20: "Leadership, vision and the big picture" with JB Braden, The Champion Leader Success Coach

E20: “Leadership, vision and the big picture” with JB Braden, The Champion Leader Success Coach

JB Braden knows what it takes to become a champion leader. And it’s not about being the smartest person on the team. It is about having the vision to see the big picture, knowing when and how to pivot, and being able to trust your team to execute.

Can your team “drive the bus” without you, or are you micromanaging them to ensure the job gets done?

Tune in to hear how JB helps leaders empower their teams so they can work on the business, not in the business…

You connect with JB on the socials @beyondthefi or check out his website to connect:

About JB Braden:

JB is an Inspirational Speaker, Executive Success Coach, and Speaker Coach. As a speaker for more than 17 years, he loves giving audience members around the country inspiration, great awareness, and tools to help them grow to extraordinary heights.

Giving them the perspective to expand the scope of what’s possible and empowering them to transform their mindset from being imprisoned to Believing and Doing what’s necessary to achieve success. JB is a certified coach who specializes in working with Executives, business leaders, and leadership teams, helping them become Champion Leaders!

He also trains Entrepreneurs to “Speak with a Purpose” at his exclusive speaker training workshops. Not only does he teach his signature method of crafting a message that will convert on any platform, but they also leave equipped to use speaking as a marketing tool to grow their business, increase visibility, and brand themselves as the industry expert.

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