E17: "Leadership, determination, and basics" with Robb Braun, Inspirational Keynote Speaker

E17: “Leadership, determination, and basics” with Robb Braun, Inspirational Keynote Speaker

While some leaders are born with the type of charismatic personality that draws people to them, it’s not the only requirement.

An effective leader isn’t someone who tries to control people, it’s someone who shows up and puts in the work to understand their team.

Robb Braun, Inspirational Keynote Speaker and Personal Success Strategist, uses his curiosity, experience and determination to support his people. It’s about showing up without apology!

Tune in to hear how Robb uses his determination to show up and not quit…

You can connect with Robb on the socials @robbbraun or check out his website to connect:

About Robb Braun:

Robb brings years of experience as a human development pro. He’s an experienced and tenacious speaker, coach, author and leader who has led and developed over 100,000 participants in business and leadership growth opportunities.

Robb’s life has been remarkable – he’s failed at business, lost a spouse to illness and his oldest son to gang violence.

All gifts, he will tell you, that demanded the best part of him come to life.

He continues to embrace life and enjoy sustained success in his business endeavors. In all this, he communicates a powerful message that elevates the human spirit and instills hope in others that they may finally live lives of purposeful success.

Robb has learned from some of the best on how to lead his field and has turned his energy to coaching and mentoring others on what it takes to succeed in business and getting the best from their talented folks. Robb lives in California with his incredible wife Linda, their three sons and grandchild, Fiona.

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