"Letting go of your inner critic" with Colleen Gianatiempo and Dena Betti, co-hosts and co-founders of iSoulify

E15: “Letting go of your inner critic” with Colleen Gianatiempo and Dena Betti, co-hosts and co-founders of iSoulify

After being struck by tragedy, Dena Betti, had a calling to become a life coach to help others heal. That calling, coupled with her friend Colleen Gianatiempo’s creativity, led to the launch of iSoulify. While both women shared a vision to support and uplift others, it wasn’t easy. They had to learn how to be open, be willing to learn, and most importantly, how to let go of their inner critics.

Tune in to hear why you should “get quiet” and even personify your inner critic…

You can connect with Colleen & Dena on their socials @iSoulify or their website

About Colleen & Dena:

Colleen Gianatiempo and Dena Betti are co-hosts of the podcast iSoulify and founders of the wellness company, iSoulify.

Most women want to live a successful and fulfilling life, but often feel uninspired, frustrated, and stressed. iSoulify is a wellness company that targets female entrepreneurs to rise above their challenges, get connected, and reach their goals through online courses, workshops, networking, and podcasting.

Colleen and Dena want to lift up warrior women who have strong stories and are living their life’s purpose by helping others.

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