"Overcoming a dark path to taking the plunge to success" with David Munford, Podcast Host of Seeing Red

E14: “Overcoming a dark path to taking the plunge to success” with David Munford, Podcast Host of Seeing Red

David Munford shares his story of how he overcame a dark period in his life. He had two choices: Keep going down the path of destruction and ruin his life or turn things around for himself.

David shares what happened when he stopped comparing himself to others and got back to loving himself.

Like David, you do NOT have to stay in a dark place or stay pushed down. Tune in to hear how David lives regret free despite having a troubled period…

You can check out David’s Podcast, Seeing Red, on Anchor.Fm here:

About David Munford:

David Munford is an overcomer in life and encourager of life habits and hang ups. He believes everyone can turn things around, no matter how tough it may seem.

He speaks openly about how he overcame his addictions, which included pornography drinking smoking cigarettes depression and many other forms of sexual addiction. David especially values the support of his family and the love they gave him when he decided it was time to turn things around.

David’s dream as an overcomer for the past 10 years is to help people by sharing his story with people all over the world.

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