"The art of setting intention and staying true to your values" with Allison Francis Barksdale

E13: “The art of setting intention and staying true to your values” with Allison Francis Barksdale

Allison Francis Barksdale, CEO of RISE Leadership, LLC, starts her day by setting an intention.

By staying focused on one very simple idea, you’re in charge and less likely to be derailed by something or someone else. You get to make the decision to let things go and remain focused.

Allison, the self-proclaimed, The Speak Up Guru, and she says that if you’re going to speak up about something, you’d better be clear about who you are, and what your values are. Tune in!

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About Allison Francis Barksdale:

Allison Francis Barksdale is the CEO of RISE Leadership, LLC. She has more than 20 years of professional experience in personal development, leadership training, business planning, and service management.

Allison started her career in convention management, later venturing into entrepreneurship. She is a speaker, trainer, coach, and consultant.

Through her company, RISE Leadership, LLC, Allison inspires and empowers others to also R.I.S.E! – Reach. Inspire. Serve. Elevate! Her diverse experience includes running small businesses, government entities, and nonprofit organizations.

Before starting RISE, Allison served as the Executive Director of the Greater Philadelphia Minority Business Strategic Alliance. As a contractor for the US DOT, Allison was instrumental in helping women and minority business owners to expand economic opportunity by having them focus on strengths and opportunities.

You have to know your strengths and build up from there, always holding to the vision of what you truly want. As Wayne Dyer once said, you first have to see it to believe it. Allison believes! She is committed to helping others also believe.

Allison earned a dual degree from DePaul University in Communications and French. She also holds an Executive MBA from Temple University and numerous certifications in coaching, teaching, human resources, and leadership. She currently volunteers as a director-at-large on the Temple University Alumni Association Board.

Allison is also known as the Speak Up Guru because of her willingness to speak up, live, and lead authentically. Her interest in personal growth is not just what she does; it is who she is. She encourages everyone to know, love, and fully accept who you are, as it is the best way to honor this gift called life.

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