"Embracing Your Strengths to Love What You Do" with Jackie Martin

E11: “Embracing Your Strengths to Love What You Do” with Jackie Martin

Let’s face it: You’re not going to love everything about your job. Jackie Martin, CEO of A Matter of Motivation, believes that when your strengths are aligned with your work, you’ll have greater success, happiness, and fulfillment.

On the other hand, if you really don’t love what you do, it starts to take a toll on you emotionally and even physically.

Tune in to hear Jackie’s thoughts on how important it is to be in the correct role and how to navigate times of change to be happier at work…

You can connect with Jackie on the socials @amatterofmotivation or check out her website to connect:

About Jackie Martin:

Jackie Martin is the CEO of A Matter of Motivation, and the founder of the BMore Learning Student Program.

She brings together years of experience equipping teams, corporate leaders, and business owners all over the world with the communication, leadership, change resiliency, and business skills needed in the workplace. Jackie was tired of hearing parents and business leaders complain about, “kids these days…” so in addition to her work in the corporate arena, she developed a workforce-readiness workshop for students and young professionals to prepare them for life in the real-world.

In these fast-paced workshops and hands-on bootcamp settings, her team arms both students and parents with the social, communication, and leadership skills to take the next best steps in business and in life. Jackie considers herself a leadership junkie, a serial entrepreneur, and a life-long learner.

She’s also an John Maxwell Leadership trainer, a certified Change Cycle expert, and an NLP Practitioner.

Jackie considers it her mission in life to help students and professionals find their “sweet spot” in work and in life so they can fall in love with what they do and who they are.

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