"Do you play to win?" with Rosa Ponce de Leon, Leadership Strategist

Do you play to win?

Do you play not-to-lose or do you play to win?  The more we perceive there is to lose, the less likely we are to play full out to win.

Risk taking starts at the top and is birthed from the culture you create. If you want your team to take risks, work on developing an environment where it’s safe to fail. Embrace failure as a stepping stone to success.

If your team is playing small, try incorporating these 5 risk taking practices:

  1. 70% certainty of things working out is enough to take action
  2. Use long-term purpose to fuel passion and provide guidance
  3. Adopt an experimental mode. Say, “Let’s see what happens if we do ….”
    Failed experiments don’t impact that bottomline 
  4. Adopt the attitude that success isn’t the path to success, learning is.
  5. Measure and evaluate progress, and adapt as needed.

The more you focus on building leaders around you, the more confident your team will become.

Let’s play to WIN! Schedule a free strategy call.


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