“Breaking the leadership mold” with Erin Jewell, Executive Coach, Leadership Professor, Podcast Host

E47: “Breaking the leadership mould” with Erin Jewell, Executive Coach, Leadership Professor, Podcast Host

Are you a leader who feels trapped in your ways? Or have you embraced a growth mindset? Erin Jewell is an Executive Coach who knows that to be a successful leader, it requires being intentional. If you’re a leader who feels that it’s your responsibility to have all the answers, you could be limiting your team and on the fast track to burnout.

Tune in to find out why a learner’s mindset leads to innovation and creativity, the keys to sustainability for any organization. Hint: Be the leader who is okay with not knowing it all. Lean on your team to support you.

Episode Outline:

  • [04:54] When you think about intentionality, intentionality really does support sustainability and it is not a sustainable model to expect all of the information to come from any one single individual.
  • [07:25] How the need to overperform can lead to burnout…
  • [11:21] Sometimes it could be a deficiency and that the team is broken and needs to be brought back to health.
  • [14:22] The impact of non-verbal communication.
  • [19:05] Moving beyond this idea of, “I’m someone who identifies as female, I must support other women,” moving beyond this, “I have to support women,” to, I get to support women.

About Erin Jewell:

Erin was raised with the belief in the possibility that she could do anything, so she ended up quite quickly having a successful career in Sales Leadership positions in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry (Pfizer, Boston Scientific, Medtronic). 

She jumped four positions from individual contributor to global director of 3 business lines, 80 million in revenue, 200 direct and indirect reports, and felt completely unprepared. After 15 years in the healthcare sector, she decided that it was time to take a big leap and Co-Founded her own healthcare Start-Up, that built online wellness platforms. As it wasn’t scalable and IT wasn’t their core competency half a million later and 3 years down the line she stopped it. 

Now Erin is an Executive Mindset and Growth Coach, International Speaker and Professor of Leadership at Villanova University. As a Coach, Erin works with high-level executives to make the most out of their teams so they can have more impact.

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