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High-performance teams blossom when you cultivate a thriving culture.

Behind every productive workplace is a thriving culture. Teams that are plagued by competition, politics, gossip, micromanaging, and apathy create an “every person for themselves” quicksand culture where every business problem lies on your shoulders. On the other hand, a resilient culture develops where there are shared values, clear accountability, and competent leadership.

Competent leadership can be developed through targeted training.

Most companies don’t offer leadership training to their managers. So some leaders don’t know how to properly guide their teams. You may notice one team in your business works well together while another falls apart. The problem can likely be fixed with the right kind of leadership training and value alignment.

Want to build your own bulletproof team?

Galvanizing your team for greatness is the natural result of implementing my strategic process. You’ll see increased satisfaction in your staff which positions you for sustainable growth, reduced costs, and a personal sense of fulfillment for everyone – alleviating the need to have you involved in every aspect of day to day operations.

Rosa Ponce de Leon, Business Consulting

We’re able to optimize performance with my expert process:

Critical Assessment

Analyzing the operations of your company from a leadership and culture lens with an objective point of view.​

Problem Solving

Identifying areas of concern and developing effective policies and training plans to address them.

Effective Communication

Setting firm expectations and promoting constructive ways of speaking, listening, and engaging.

Profitable Solutions

Creating and implementing a fine-tuned plan to revamp your business operations and get your teams working together.

If your work culture is suffering, I’m the consultant you need. One thing I know for sure is that even the most toxic work environments can be turned around with the right training and strategies.

  • Mistakes that cost more than just money
  • Losing your best employees to high turnover
  • Lagging motivation and a lack of initiative
  • A dissatisfied workforce where issues fester
  • Waning productivity and slimmer profits

I have the field-tested, hands-on experience to make it happen.

“I was frustrated with so many people issues that I was unable to focus. Rosa helped me take action on clear priorities to leverage support for a necessary cultural shift and obtain a salary that was commensurate to my work.”

– Jackie G.
Marketing Executive

Our core values:


I believe operating from a place of love is always the right thing to do. When love fuels your team, they’re more willing to contribute and honor one another by considering each other’s needs.


I believe humans are the most precious creation on earth. Inside each person lies invaluable human potential. Excavating human potential provides our companies – and the world – with limitless possibility for return.


Truly being present and listening to seek real understanding gives you invaluable insight into peoples’ intentions. We listen deeply during our interview process and during every conversation to gain a deeper understanding of peoples’ truths.


We seek to fulfill our duty of making the world a better place. Our main focus is on helping people identify and achieve their purpose through their contributions in the workplace.

Meet Rosa Ponce de Leon, MBA

Business Consultant | Leadership Strategist | Operations Expert

Rosa Ponce de Leon is a master leadership consultant, public servant, and business adviser. As a 20+ year law enforcement veteran, Rosa has risen through the ranks to Sergeant, leading teams through critical situations with operational mastery. Rosa combines her tried & true leadership experience with her business consulting background to help small business owners build resilient teams & bulletproof work cultures.

Professional Credentials & Education

  • BA, Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles
    Master of Business Administration, University of Redlands
  • 20+ years, Law enforcement professional
  • 3 years, Program leader of all-hazard readiness operational training for first responders
  • 2 years, Safety Consultant & Critical Infrastructure Protection Specialist
  • Founder, Empower to Bloom, Inc.
  • Podcast director, Powerful at Work Radio
  • Conference Speaker

National Recognition

  • Presenter, National Homeland Security Conference
  • Speaker, Chaffey College
    Consultant, Western University of Health Sciences
  • Featured Officer, COPS Episode “Bindle Alley”
  • Various women’s conferences and faith-based institutions

Rosa's Story: Building bulletproof cultures through leadership training and executive advising.

I’m passionate about engineering bulletproof work cultures. This burning purpose inside me was kindled as a child when I spent countless hours apprenticing for my dad. His unrelenting standards of excellence were inscribed in my bones from a young age as we poured concrete, fixed up cars, and built houses from scratch.

Honest work and meaningful acts of service are at the core of everything I do. My dad was highly revered in the community and allowed me to consider possibilities far outside the standard boundaries of society.

My parents were models of pure human love, which permeates my work today. My devotion to understanding and helping people led me to pursue an undergraduate degree in psychology. My entrepreneurial spirit came alive while earning my Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Redlands.

My servant’s heart led me to a career in the highly male-dominated field of law enforcement, where I’m a 20+ year veteran. I’ve worked on forces that were polluted by selfishness and infighting, as well as teams so loyal we could trust each other with our lives. I learned the inner mechanics of strong leadership and operative teamwork, which I now bring to entrepreneurs.

Rising through the ranks to Sergeant, I served as a safety consultant and critical infrastructure protection specialist, promoting corporate resilience against mechanical failures, natural disasters, and human attacks. The human element is central to every industry and composes the backbone of all the best business solutions.

I engineer bulletproof work cultures and invincible leaders. It’s my superpower.

My hard-won strategies change everything:

  • Foster strong bonds and genuine care among team members
  • Create a playful environment where work gets done with a sense of enjoyment
  • Enhance the amount of work your staff can get done each day
  • Reverse turnover and promote top talent retention
  • Provide space for creative experimentation and innovative thinking
  • Promote resilience against adversity
  • Carve out space for your business to scale

Want your teams to function like this? Invest in your greatest asset – your people!

What you might not know about me is...

  • You probably can’t tell but I’m actually a born introvert, often lost in thought and imagination.
  • I’m a Christian, having surrendered my life to Christ in my 20s.
  • I’m an outdoor fanatic and love pushing my limits, cycling on any terrain.
  • One of my greatest delights in life is spending quality time with my big extended family and friends.
  • I’m a Southern California native and the daughter of two of the most generous, industrious immigrants I’ve ever met!
  • I appeared in an episode of COPS titled “Bindle Alley”

My plan for your future has always been filled with hope.

Jeremiah 29:11

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