"3 Steps to Building a Culture of Collaboration" with Rosa Ponce de Leon, Leadership Strategist

3 Steps to Building a Culture of Collaboration

The definition and nature of teams are changing which adds layers of complexity to building collaborational opportunities at work. Teams are no longer located just down the hall from one another. COVID has opened up the possibilities for more remote working. So many teams are composed of people physically sitting in the office and sprinkled with workers located globally.

Great work cultures realize the importance of acknowledging individuals who go above and beyond, but they also recognize that real magic happens when teams collaborate to find solutions and expand creative brainstorming.

If you need to create a more collaborative environment, try taking these three steps:

  1. Create personal connections – When employees feel connected, they are more willing to reach out and ask for help on a project or task. Some businesses use coffee chats (in person or virtually) for team members to connect and share tips on time management, productivity hacks, and even sharing about their families. 
  2. Share responsibility for problem solving – Creating opportunities for cross-functional collaboration creates value for team members and helps organizations solve tough problems.  This brainstorming approach leverages diverse perspectives and builds value across departments.  
  3. Host platforms for people to connect – Remote working environments have allowed business to hire globally which creates challenges for building bonds and promoting collaboration. Using visual and discussions board platforms can help employees connect in both informal and formal settings. 


Trust breaks down silos between teams and builds an atmosphere based on safety. When employees feel safe, they are far more likely to connect with others and contribute in more meaningful ways. Allowing them to present ideas and enhance other’s ideas creates a synergy that breeds innovations.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how high is the trust meter running in your business? 

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